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Supply Chain Management

Goodwill Industries of North Georgia is the answer to your warehousing/logistical needs. Goodwill industries will provide professional management, administrative, supervision and direct labor for managing your inventory of products and equipment.

Package Tracking System - Goodwill Industries of North Georgia provides its customers with a web based package tracking system, which allows the customer to track their goods from the point of items being pulled from stock to delivery. Order pullers, shipping and receiving clerks, drivers and couriers all utilize scanners with cellular connectivity, that provides "real time tracking" of goods.

Distribution - Goodwill Industries of North Georgia has the capability to receive, store, and deliver goods to end users as the goods are needed. When we receive an order for delivery, our uniformed professional drivers/couriers will deliver those items to the customer in our clean, equipped and professionally wrapped truck or van.

Inventory Management - Goodwill Industries of North Georgia utilizes a Warehousing Management System (WMS) for tracking goods in the warehouse. When goods are received, their unique identifier are scanned, the WMS automatically assigns a barcoded location within the warehouse to store the goods. The item is scanned to the assigned location until an order is received from an end user for the item.